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We are very well pleased with the completed project: challenges occurred and you met all of them in a calm, efficient manner. Thanks for the beautiful Lindal Cedar Home.

Ralph & Patti Gay

…As we live far away in Germany it was very important to us that we had reliable people at the building site and I must say that Andy and Michelle did an excellent job. I can certainly recommend Andy Harrington and the Lindal company to everybody who plans to build an exceptional home on a tropical island.

Dr. Alexander & Silvia Wirtzfeld

..Hurricane Iniki’s winds reached a constant 160 mph, with gusts over 180 mph. These sustained winds and extremely heavy rain continued to batter our area all day. We watched as whole roofs, porches, and entire homes were destroyed. Our Lindal cedar home, with its outstanding materials and construction, had weathered the storm with no structural damage and minimal other damage. There was no wind or water leakage.

The cooperation we have received over the years from the Lindal dealers on Kauai, Michelle and Andy Harrington, has been and continues to be outstanding. We would like to thank the Lindal company for the outstanding design work and materials which saved our home.

Pat & Jim Litchhult

…Our Kauai home, all rough-hewn cedar inside and out, turned out exactly as we’d hoped. It’s our perfect island retreat. Our dealer, Andy Harrington was an integral part of the project in all respects and he with his wife, Michelle, are still there for us five years after completion, giving us excellent referrals to local trades people as well as offering their own personal aid and assistance in myriad ways. Our professional partnership has become a valued friendship.

Each time we come “home” to Kauai, we reflect on our good fortune to have a beautiful home in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Nancy & Matt Noel