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The Lindal Difference

Throughout our website, you’ll see some of the homes we’ve helped create – homes as unique as the individuals and the dreams that inspired them. Yet, for all of their one-of-a-kind character, Lindal homes share some important strengths that dramatically distinguish them from the crowd of custom homes. Quality, strength, experience… plus Lindal’s 10 year warranty against structural defects — together, they describe value. That’s the Lindal difference!

Original by Design

Lindal gives you the design flexibility, expertise and support to turn your wish list into your dream home.

Lasting Beauty

The open, airy designs of post and beam construction, the warm glow of Wester red cedar, and the craftsmanship in every detail surround you with a timeless beauty that’s an enduring source of pleasure and pride.

Energy Efficiency in Any Climate

The more precious and expensive energy sources become, the more homeowners appreciate their Lindal’s ability to stay cost-effectively cool in warm weather, warm & snug in cold weather.

Local Know-How

Cedar Homes of Kauai has 40 years experience with Lindal Cedar Homes and in the residential home building business.

Quality and Value for Life

At a time when shortcuts are common in the home building industry, Lindal homeowners say our unwavering standards of quality are a rare and welcome exception.

A Sure Thing

From pinning down all the planning details to delivering a complete, part-coded building package to your site, Lindal has spent 70 years taking the uncertainties out of building a custom home. In the building industry, Lindal’s type of reliability is one of the rarest commodities of all.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Lindal has the longstanding strength and stability you want from a company when you’re making one of Life’s biggest investments. The result is an original that stands the test of time – from a company that does, too.

For more information on the Lindal difference and specifications, visit the Lindal Cedar Homes website at www.lindal.com.